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Serving Central Minnesota

  Our Four Point Promise

  1. A quality flag pole and flag that will stand the test of time.
  2. Proper display of the U.S. flag
  3. No hassle installation
  4. 100% satisfaction guarantee with the installation

Do you remember when we all came together as a country after the September 11, 2001 attack? Are you proud of our soldiers serving to protect your freedom?  At Countryside Flagpole we help Minnesotans display that pride.  We offer a comprehensive line of flags, poles, and accessories.  We provide turn key service before, during, and after the installation.  We will answer any questions you have on the proper display of the US Flag.

Let us help you do it right the first time.
start at $450 for materials
and installation – what could be easier?

You want to properly display the U.S. flag

A reliable and attractive display of the U.S. flag is what we specialize in. We will do it the right way the first time.


Our flag poles have a minimum 1/8" wall thickness to withstand up to 120+ mph Minnesota winds. Don’t settle for an inferior product. We replace lighter weight poles every day because they simply cannot stand up to Minnesota weather. All of the flagpoles sold by Countryside Flagpole are Minnesota made.

Quality poles that will stand the test of time at a fair price – that is the Countryside Flagpole promise.

Complete and Hassle Free Installation

We dig residential holes by hand. No need to worry about machinery making a mess of your lawn. For one low price, we will take care of your installation to properly display the U.S. flag and other flags you may want to display proudly. We even offer advice on landscaping or we will work with your landscaper to provide a phased-in installation around their schedule.

Contact us today at (320) 282-6117 to schedule your proper installation of the U.S. flag.